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Happy Easter 2015

Christ is risen from the dead We are one with Him again Come awake, come awake Come and rise up from the grave O death, where is your sting? O hell, where is your victory? O church, come stand in the light The glory of God has defeated the night Reference:  ...

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February Update

Hi family and friends, Emi here. Wow, it’s been a while since we updated the blog. We have been busier than ever! We barely get a down time to breath now. I. Working in a Japanese company Since my work became a big part of our life, I would like to write about it. It’s almost like everything I heard in my Business Japanese class is true. Long hours, obligatory over time, extreme hierarchy system, senpai-kohai relationships–sometimes it’s too much to witness all those every day. I’m still adjusting to be more “Japanese,” and it’s darn stressful sometimes. Coming from American culture, it shocks me how employees are treated, are obligated to work 18-hour shifts, and female workers are chastised for their hairdos or the color of lipsticks. I am not culturally sensitive enough to pick up on Japanese social cues or care about every single comment or move people make around me, and I’m glad I don’t because my hair will fall out from stress if I had such sensitivity. Don’t get me wrong–I’m glad to have the job at where I am. I love that I get to be around people every day. I love the people I work with. They are some of the most hard-working people I’ve ever met. It’s been rough because I had to work 40 hours a week in January on top...

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Dating a Church 教会とデート

Emi here. 恵美でーす。 Church Dating (Does that sound bad or what?) 教会とデート In all honesty, finding a church to settle was like dating. Of course, we know that there’s only one Church, Christ’s body, but we experienced a few “churches” in Osaka area. And every time we visited a church, it was like dating. We had to see what her values are. Who is Jesus to her? What does she care? How does she treat her body? What can I offer her, and is she willing to accept me for who I am? What kind of family does she have? Am I attracted to her? Do I feel free with her? Does she love me? Does she allow me to love her? Can I invest in her? Can I trust her? Is she clingy? Is she competitive and judgmental? Is she jealous? Does she treat me as an equal? Is she inviting me in or showing me the door? Is she humble? Is she interested in me? Does she want to get to know me, spend time with me, and grow together? We found the one. New Hope Church Osaka. She is a beauty. She’s international and was born in Hawaii. She’s family oriented, and could, oh my, sing like an angel. She has humble leadership, willingness to learn the words and the spiritual gifts, and is eager to grow her gifts and...

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Krystal & Brent’s Visit and etc.

Hello dearies, Even though our social media feeds look like we are having a bunch of fun all day every day, we are not like that all the time. Most of the time we stay busy with school and work, and we are really, really, really craving some quality time with people in general. We haven’t settled down in a community quite yet, and we don’t have many friends to hang out with. But God is always good. After all, it’s only been a month and a few weeks. We are just getting started. A Break from the Daily Grind...

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Welcome to the Neighborhood: Osaka’s Spiritual Center

Our new apartment that we are moving into on 10/25 is located in the Tennoji district of Osaka. Take a look at the awesome Google map my dear hubby Erich created and embedded to see what our area looks like. We had to be zoomed in this far to make buildings show up correctly. Pan around or zoom to find our new home and school. View this map on Google Maps Engine  No, they are not ze Nazis. The vast majority of this area are Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines. Anything marked with a 卐 are Buddhist Temples and those marked with Torii gate symbols are Shinto. As you zoom in, you’ll notice countless other religious sites outside of the main areas we identified. Our area in Tennoji is known for temples and “love hotels” (hotels for couples to ‘rest’ at an hourly rate). Spiritually speaking, we’re at the city’s epicenter for both temple worship and spiritual darkness. We are here to be the light, and the map shows that God placed us in a major place of influence. Wow Jesus, you are bold. Please pray for...

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D-Day + 10: Missions Landing Report

Hello friends! Thank you for your prayers for our safe trip – we’ve made it to Japan! You may be wondering what Erich and I have been up to since landing. Our last post was over a month ago! It’s been a crazy past two weeks—let me tell you the highlights of our experience. こんにちは!たくさんの祈りを感謝します。無事に日本に着きました!日本に着いてからのエリックと私の状況についてアップデートしたいと思います。 Table of Contents The Send Off from Moran Park Church The Arrival Settling Down in the Hobbit Hole Group Counseling Lifehouse Erich’s Thoughts I. The Send Off from Moran Park Church モランパーク教会に送られて During our last week in the States, we had the honor of being...

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A Trip to Virginia

I. Regent University – Residency Program The online counseling program at Regent requires a week of residency program in the fall, and this year it happens to be on the first week of August. First of all, the program was intense and nerve-wrecking at first. The counseling skills class throws me in front of a recording camera and told me to start counseling (mock-counseling, of course). As we are fire-hosed with new skills each day, we were asked to use it within our recordings. The horrifying part was verbatims. I had to listen to my own counseling and transcribe them. Can you imagine the embarrassment of listening to your own voice and hearing every mistake you made? Cringe. That was the toughest part. I saw many tears from fellow students. It was the emotional process of learning who we are and our individual styles of counseling. Residency included many hours of devotional and spiritual retreat. Many shared their testimony of how God called them to Regent’s program and to be counselors. People poured their heart out. I saw many tears, encouragements, and prayers. I got to hear what God is doing in each of their lives! I witnessed God’s confirmation for many. The residency is so meaningful for everyone, including our professors. The nature of counseling attracts compassionate Christians. The classmates were those who want to help others and want to walk...

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日本への引っ越しの準備 Preparation for Japan

Hello! Emi here. こんにちは!恵美です。 Even though the blog is supposed to be Erich and Emi’s, I have never contributed in writing a post yet. So I decided to update our loyal readers on our preparation progress regarding our move to Japan. 主人と始めたブログにまだ一回も書いていないので、日本への引っ越しの準備について書く事にしました。 As many of you know, we are leaving for Japan in September. “Isn’t that less than two months away?” Yes. It’s coming up so fast, and we’re slowly (very slowly) preparing for our new chapter of our life. Some things we are working on are: もうご存知だと思いますが、九月に日本に引っ越す予定です。後二ヶ月しかないのに、ちょっとしか準備が進んでいません。今計画中なのは… Visa ビザ Even though I can enter Japan being a Japanese citizen, there are some paperwork issues we’ll have to resolve. Since I have no control over this, I’ll let God handle this matter. 日本人として入国できるのですが、書類関係でちょっと問題があります。どうしよーって言っても他に道が無いので、ここはイエスに任せることにしました。 As for Erich, he was accepted to YMCA’s language school. His student visa is currently in process. We hope to receive the visa in the beginning or middle of September, but we don’t know the exact date. Until then we won’t know when we are leaving either. 主人•エリックは大阪YMCA語学学校に入学する事ができ、十月から学期が始まります。学生ビザが九月の中旬位に届くらしいです。なので出発日はまだ決められません。 Moving 引っ越し We found two Japanese moving companies in Detroit area: Yamato and Nittsu. The cost of moving is about the same as the value of things we are taking with us, so we decided to bring most of our possessions, such as pots, pans, a Keurig, a blender, a knife set—mainly things we received as wedding gifts. According to Erich’s experience, it’s better to...

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