日本への引っ越しの準備 Preparation for Japan


Hello! Emi here. こんにちは!恵美です。

Even though the blog is supposed to be Erich and Emi’s, I have never contributed in writing a post yet. So I decided to update our loyal readers on our preparation progress regarding our move to Japan.


As many of you know, we are leaving for Japan in September. “Isn’t that less than two months away?” Yes. It’s coming up so fast, and we’re slowly (very slowly) preparing for our new chapter of our life. Some things we are working on are:


Visa ビザ

Even though I can enter Japan being a Japanese citizen, there are some paperwork issues we’ll have to resolve. Since I have no control over this, I’ll let God handle this matter.


As for Erich, he was accepted to YMCA’s language school. His student visa is currently in process. We hope to receive the visa in the beginning or middle of September, but we don’t know the exact date. Until then we won’t know when we are leaving either.


Moving 引っ越し

We found two Japanese moving companies in Detroit area: Yamato and Nittsu. The cost of moving is about the same as the value of things we are taking with us, so we decided to bring most of our possessions, such as pots, pans, a Keurig, a blender, a knife set—mainly things we received as wedding gifts. According to Erich’s experience, it’s better to bring them rather than buying from scratch in a new place. We are taking it all!


Living Plan 住居計画

Upon arriving to Osaka, we plan to stay in a short-term apartment for a month to look for a long-term apartment. The living space will be very limited. As otosan (dad) jokes, we’ll be probably sleeping in a room size of our current bathroom. We believe that where we live will be crucial to our ministry, so against the odds, we are looking for a place with bigger and more rooms.


As far as we researched, the rent for apartments is not as expensive as we thought. With 70,000-90,000 yen (about $700-900) per month, two bed rooms + living room apartments are available. Not so bad, right? But there’s a catch. To start a lease, we have to pay “key money”, which is like an appreciation money toward the landlord, and it could range from $1,000 to 2,000. Yikes.


One thing I keep hearing from Japanese people around me is that it will be difficult for foreigners to live in Japan because landlord sometimes don’t trust the foreigners to rent an apartment. Or even finding a job as a foreigner is difficult. Or opening a bank. Overwhelming disadvantages exist, but God is gracious. We know we’ll find a perfect living and community catered to His plan.


God is shaking Japanese people’s hearts. I can’t wait to be there to witness and be a part of what He and His children are doing for the kingdom!


Published by Emi Boileau

Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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  1. It will be a very sad day when you guys leave. I’m still hoping that you might accidentally get preggers and will need to stay in Holland because it will be so much easier to raise your kids with an amazing sister-in-law to help out and baby-sit. 😉 😉

    … :'(

  2. Also, if you guys do find a bigger apartment, I’d be happy to come and help out with your ministry by crashing your house for a couple of weeks, though the thought of flying in a pressurized tube across the expanse of the Pacific is completely terrifying to me. We’ll vitally test out your ministry’s resources by using as much toilet paper as we possibly can and being obnoxious, terrible house-guests. If you can survive that, you’ll be set up for any challenges that life will present against you.

    1. Doaawwww. You and Vince should definitely come and stay with us. By the way, Japan has a sharing brush to wipe butts with. In the bathroom, there’s a butt brush. So we don’t use toilet papers. Just kidding. We do. And the toilet will be the best toilet you will ever sit on. Auto-opens, auto-flushes, bidet, and a warm seat. it’s the best.

      And I will miss you so much!!!!!!! And Abby!!! and Vince!!! and your house!!! You must come see my halfsie baby in the future!!!!! And I hope the baby will have blue eyes. I love youuu!!!!!

      1. Butt brush: Do you mean like the best improvement in toilet paper since the 1880s? Do you suffer from a loss of your range of motion simply from wiping your poo? Now you can maintain your dignity AND your hygiene with an anatomically designed plastic wand! Emi-chan, my days of using the left handed cleaning method are over thanks to this innovative product. I will always thank you for leading me to find this incredible $50 value, for just $19.99!


        1. Also, that toilet sounds amazing. I will come to Japan just for that.

          I can’t wait until you have babies, but you should start when you’re back here because I can’t hug my little nieces and nephews halfway across the world! (But seriously, I will be overjoyed no matter what. 🙂

  3. I also look forward to being an annoying houseguest…maybe in October or November over one of the 祝日 three-day weekends? The sooner the better; I miss you two 🙁 You can return the favor here in Kumamoto anytime 🙂

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