Hello family and friends! Grace and peace to you from God our father.

Emi here.

We’ve been posting other topics on the blog so I’m sure you’re curious to know what Erich and I have been up to. Thankfully, we have been doing way better compared to the last update in February.

I. YMCA and Regent

I’m so proud to report that Erich has been doing fantastic in the language study. Though he’s humble about it, I have to tell you that he’s earned all ‘A’s and mastered kanji (Chinese characters) as good as Chinese/Taiwanese students–sometimes Asian students even ask Erich for help with them. And teachers adore him for his hard work, and now he is successfully leveled up to J4 course out of 9, meaning he is almost halfway to language fluency.


Erich has been diligent about the language study that he spends about 7-8 hours studying the language on a week day. He can talk to my mom in Japanese–not just the simple phrases but actual conversations. Praise Jesus! Thank you so much for praying for Erich!

Praise report! I found a practicum site! I will be doing a 16-week practicum at my church under my pastor. How cool is that? I would’ve loved to serve the church anyways, so this is a great opportunity to do that. Thank you again for the prayer. As for my courses, I’m doing great. I’m visiting Regent University in August for a week or so for the mandatory residency course, which is very soon.

II. Church

Our church has been encouraged by so many ministries recently, especially by Nobuko san with Faith Builders Japan. She visits the church once in a while to preach and does a Holy Spirit workshop. People are hearing the Lord’s voice. We recently had a team from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (Erich’s old ministry school) come and pray and do a treasure hunt together with the church members. And we also had a guest speaker from Australia from other New Hope church. I have to say, God knows the best timings. Personally, when I feel like I need spiritual encouragement—bam! God provides through a perfect message through sermons, prayer, and prophecy by sisters and brothers in Christ.

I had the opportunities to translate the sermon twice in the past months. It’s a bit rough since I did English to Japanese, but God surely spoke through me, thank goodness. Though I get lost on words sometimes, people were so graceful.

III. Thoughts

By the way, God is teaching me to be bold about speaking about Him more. Originally, I was beating around the bushes talking about Jesus-y stuff to Japanese people because I thought it would be too much to talk about religion too soon in a relationship because of the nature of Japanese culture, but I recently realized it doesn’t work this way for me right now. I got laughed at and made many awkward moments, but God loves it when I’m really open about my faith. I really want the kingdom to come. I really want Jesus. I really want people to come home to God, to know Him.

III. Praise Report

  • We are slowly but surely making close friendship in Osaka 🙂
  • Krystal made it to Japan! Did we tell you that we visited her with Brent?
  • I found a practicum site
  • We got a nice ‘merican couch from a Christian couple for free
  • Erich’s been getting a lot of work
  • I’ve been working less at the hotel (I have a crazy story and testimony about this, ask me via email)
  • Not quite a praise report, but rather just a report – I don’t think I’ll be coming back to Holland in June for budgetary reasons.
  • Jesus is GOOD. All glory to God!

VI. Prayer Request

  • Because of stress, I have been eating sweets like crazy, and I’m addicted. I want to seek comfort in Him rather than in Meiji chocolate or fake Oreos. It sounds silly, but I’m having a real hard time quitting sugar! I need a prayer for self-control, please.
  • Even more language skill growth in Erich
  • Erich’s going to be preaching at our church in two weeks, so please pray that God speaks through him
  • That the Lord’s will be done in Japan as it is in heaven


Finally, a goofy home video I took with a selfie stick (Kyrstal’s not mine) when we visited Krystal’s new home.


We love and miss you!

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Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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  1. Great post!! Love and miss you both. I too am addicted to sweets. Moderation is the key. LOL. Not with Swedish fish. Love Mom

  2. いつも二人のブログを楽しみにしています。
    エリックさん、すごいですね〜 今度、日本語で話せるのが楽しみです!

    そして、エリックさん、誕生日おめでとうございます! ますます素晴らしい一年となりますように! 二人の祝福を祈ります!

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