Dating a Church 教会とデート

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Emi here. 恵美でーす。

Church Dating (Does that sound bad or what?) 教会とデート

In all honesty, finding a church to settle was like dating.

Of course, we know that there’s only one Church, Christ’s body, but we experienced a few “churches” in Osaka area. And every time we visited a church, it was like dating. We had to see what her values are. Who is Jesus to her? What does she care? How does she treat her body? What can I offer her, and is she willing to accept me for who I am? What kind of family does she have? Am I attracted to her? Do I feel free with her? Does she love me? Does she allow me to love her? Can I invest in her? Can I trust her? Is she clingy? Is she competitive and judgmental? Is she jealous? Does she treat me as an equal? Is she inviting me in or showing me the door? Is she humble? Is she interested in me? Does she want to get to know me, spend time with me, and grow together?

We found the one. New Hope Church Osaka.

She is a beauty. She’s international and was born in Hawaii. She’s family oriented, and could, oh my, sing like an angel. She has humble leadership, willingness to learn the words and the spiritual gifts, and is eager to grow her gifts and her body for Jesus. And her wisdom in teaching amazes me!

And this church is Japanese by nature. Though it’s international and there are a few foreign people, it’s mainly composed of Japanese people and Japanese culture.

We were getting spiritually emaciated for the past two months because we didn’t have a church community that we could call home. Now that we do, we can’t express how thankful we are for finding New Hope.







A Recent Event at New Hope 最近のニューホープのイベント

New Hope recently invited Soma Nobuko, for a workshop on bold prophecy. My, my, my. She was shining with Jesus. The church were encouraged by her words of prophecy, and she taught that every one of us could hear from the Lord and prophecy over each other to build up one another. Ahh! Japanese people, believing in the Holy Spirit, exercising the spiritual gifts?! That’s exactly what I wanted to see!! This was special because it was taught by a Japanese person—not by a foreigner. It was my first time seeing something like this. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, Amen.

相馬のぶこさんが予言のギフトのワークショップをしてくださいました。彼女の教えと予言には驚くほど励まされました!どうやってお互いを預言を通して励ますかを学びました。だれでも聖霊を通して 預言できる。え〜〜!日本人の人たちが!聖霊様を信じて!霊的賜物を使ってる?!私が夢見てたことが起こってる〜!嬉しい!外国人じゃなくて日本人がこういうことを教えているのはすっごく特別だと思う。ハレルヤ!

Praise Report プレイズレポート

  • We were praying for our finance recently, and God provided multiple projects for Erich so we have more income!
  • I finished the fall semester at Regent and now in Christmas break. Praise Him for giving me the strength to do well in all the courses.
  • We settled on a church and have a spiritual family in Osaka.
  • Having many guests over – God knows that we are lonely and want fellowship! More guests are planning to visit 🙂 I want to write more on this later.
  • お金のこと祈ってたら、エリックにたくさん仕事が入ってきた。
  • 秋の学期を無事に終わらせることができた。
  • 教会が決まって、霊的家族が増えた。
  • 友達がたくさん遊びに来てくれた。後でもっとこの事は書きたい。

Prayer Request プレイヤーリクエスト

  • Strength for Erich – He is a full time language student AND work to make a living for both of us.
  • Friends and good friendship. Especially friends who could play board game with us. Just kidding… but seriously.
  • Evangelical opportunities for Christmas season!
  • フルタイムで学生と仕事を頑張っているエリックにもっと力を。
  • 友だちが欲しい〜!特にボードゲームを一緒に遊べるカップル友達。
  • クリスマスに宣教のチャンスを。

We love you! Let us know how we can pray for you, too.


Published by Emi Boileau

Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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  1. So cool that you guys are getting settled and finding friends and the church home is FANTASTIC !!!! Mentioned you a couple of months ago to my Osaka friend, but she just got married and I think they are figuring out housing etc. (I will ask about board games, haha !)

  2. Some Hawaiian seed in Japanese soil? That sounds fruitful! God put a good thing where you could find it. 😉

  3. Thanks for the insight to missionary life in Osaka! As I will be a new missionary in that area next month, I’m glad I found your post and now I will seek to check out the new hope church 🙂 blessings Emi~

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