Hello dearies,

Even though our social media feeds look like we are having a bunch of fun all day every day, we are not like that all the time. Most of the time we stay busy with school and work, and we are really, really, really craving some quality time with people in general. We haven’t settled down in a community quite yet, and we don’t have many friends to hang out with.

But God is always good.

After all, it’s only been a month and a few weeks. We are just getting started.

A Break from the Daily Grind

Last week, we met someone who’s involved with Genesis International College and got connected to yet another church called Mustard Seed Church. I didn’t realize the power of worship and good worship music until I attended MSC’s service. I wanted to bawl. I was tearing up the entire time with my hands raised to heaven. I got to worship with the songs that I knew from the church back in the States. I got to sing from bottom of my heart. I got to really connect with the Lord through worship, which I haven’t been able to since arriving to Japan. I felt so free!! The Holy Spirit was moving, and I was able to sing in the Spirit, and it was just so beautiful. I was underestimating the power of good worship until now.

Krystal and Brent’s Visit

In the midst of discouraged time, we had Krystal and Brent over for a visit a few weeks ago. It was a fun and encouraging week. We ate lots of good food, went to touristy places, and had good conversations.  In case you haven’t seen our awesome video, here it is:

Yes, we acted like teenagers high on energy drinks. ’twas awesome.

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