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Greetings! Emi writing from LA, wanting to update on our journey. I’m going to keep this short, like a one minute read.

Remember how I was talking about doing internship in LA? So that’s happening. I moved to LA (well, now more like OC). LA has been real good to me. My family is here, my old friends are here, I can drive and go anywhere I want to, and I can have awesome food anytime. My family’s been so gracious to me that they’ve provided me a place to live, food to eat, a even car to drive. Such grace! I’m loving my parents’ church (Gospel Siloam Church) too. The Bible study with Fuller Seminary students has been super. Oh, I saw Christ Maybury and the Holland bunch the other day. So thankful.

Internship has been great, too. Amazing supervisors and colleagues at a non-profit counseling center. I’m definitely challenged. Feeling inadequate at times, but I’m remembering that I need to go through challenges and mistakes to learn and grow as a counselor.

And Emi in LA means Erich is alone in Osaka. It has been only two weeks and we are dying. We video chat, send each other messages, play Catan online, wake each other up and say good night… but we can’t be with each other! :'( Me no likey!

Missing my babycheeks like

Anyways, I miss you and I love you, readers.

God is kind and Jesus’ name is beautiful and the Holy Spirit is wise and cheeky.

Please pray for us, and let us know what we can pray for you, too.

Much love,



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Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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