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Greetings, family and friends!

May Jesus be glorified always.

Emi here. I’m writing to you with such renewed spirit and heart. The Lord restored so much joy in me during this month through my trip to the States.

I. Regent University’s Residency Program in Virginia Beach

Just like last year, I once again visited Regent University in VA for a residency program. This year we did group counseling. I was spiritually rejuvenated and received so much healing during the program. Every morning begins with gathering and worship, and the program ended with a spiritual retreat. There’s definitely something about being in a room full of Christian counselors-in-training participating in group counseling together and they just want to love you and pray for you, right?

I forgot how much I missed interacting with people from the States, talking about the Lord. I forgot how much I missed worshiping in English. I forgot how it was like to be in an American Christian community. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! I soaked up everything like a dry sponge.  Even though I was physically exhausted during the program, I was so alive in the spirit! Maybe this is why furlough is important for missionaries?  And I forgot how amazing the cohorts are (gif above). We really became a family over the program. I wish to keep in touch and pray for one another during the semesters, because I totally did not do much of that last academic year…

II. Visiting SoCal


After the residency program, I visited my family in LA for a couple days. My nephew Ace was so big already! He is a chunky cutie. My parents and my sister and her hubby Hajime recently purchased a home. It was such a beautiful house. Interestingly, I was prophesied over about a red door about a year ago, and during the residency one of the classmates was nudged by the Lord to ask me about a red door. And guess what I find on my family’s new house? A red door. I feel so confirmed on many levels that this is where I should be for internship, that their choice of home was the Lord’s will, and that the Lord is upon this place!

Guess what else? My friends just happen to be moving to LA when I will be there too. I met people in Japanese church who are going back to Kansai in the new future. I get goosebumps from everything lining up just so perfectly that I am witnessing the Lord’s delicate orchestra.

I was praying for rest for the past 11 months, and the Lord totally provided me complete rest. I slept a lot, ate a lot, and just hung out a lot. No work, no obligatory things, no nothing. Sipping boba tea, taking naps, having peaceful family dinner in the backyard. I am definitely ready to work again. I am so thankful for my family and old friends for loving me and taking care of me! And thank YOU for praying for me.

III. Praise Report

  • I passed the graduation exam for counseling program! Honestly, I should not be passing this exam because I studied literally three hours for it. But people prayed for me, and God answered them.
  • I got to stay with our friend Michelle while I was in Virginia Beach. Praise Him for her graciousness to open up her home to me! I felt so loved and taken care of!
  • Nikki (our friend from Holland, Holly Noble’s sister) visited Osaka again and we were so encouraged by her presence and her faith. Thank God for such a wonderful sister in Christ!
  • Erich got to visit Brent in Kumamoto.
  • We recently were able to connect with Karen and Dan, an awesome missionary couple in Osaka. They happened to live only a twenty-minute walk from our place. They graciously invited us for Mexican food (Dan is an excellent cook), and we played board game together. Erich and I are so happy to get to know a couple who are into board games!
  • The Lord has been speaking to us about our future ministry and family planning (both not happening anytime soon. prepping mode!)
  • I met with the director of my internship site, and I love her. I could tell that the Lord’s got Living Success Center‘s back even though it’s not a Christian foundation.


Let us know how you are doing, too. We want to pray for you!

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