A Trip to Virginia


I. Regent University – Residency Program

The online counseling program at Regent requires a week of residency program in the fall, and this year it happens to be on the first week of August.

First of all, the program was intense and nerve-wrecking at first. The counseling skills class throws me in front of a recording camera and told me to start counseling (mock-counseling, of course). As we are fire-hosed with new skills each day, we were asked to use it within our recordings. The horrifying part was verbatims. I had to listen to my own counseling and transcribe them. Can you imagine the embarrassment of listening to your own voice and hearing every mistake you made? Cringe. That was the toughest part. I saw many tears from fellow students. It was the emotional process of learning who we are and our individual styles of counseling.

Residency included many hours of devotional and spiritual retreat. Many shared their testimony of how God called them to Regent’s program and to be counselors. People poured their heart out. I saw many tears, encouragements, and prayers. I got to hear what God is doing in each of their lives! I witnessed God’s confirmation for many. The residency is so meaningful for everyone, including our professors.

The nature of counseling attracts compassionate Christians. The classmates were those who want to help others and want to walk along side of people who need emotional or psychological help. I met one of the most kind, loving, and spirit-filled believers along the week. I got to be friends with a super-prophetic girl who’s absolutely in love with Jesus. I met a lady who was saved through Pat Robertson’s prophetic prayer on TV. Jesus is so good! I was feeling spiritually down for the past few weeks, and this residency week was a great encouragement and an answer to my prayer!


II. Ghent Church. Shaba!

Erich and I met with some amazing siblings in Christ in Ghent house church that Travis pastors. They welcomed us with a fun dance party on the night of arrival. On Thursday we had a Holy Ghost screening at Michelle’s. On Saturday night, following a sweet worship led by Edmon’s angelic voice, Erich had an opportunity to share a teaching on prophetic deliverance (my hub is an amazing speaker, might I add). They prayed for Erich and me as we are headed to Japan. It was so, so encouraging to receive their care, love, and prayer. Even though I only spent one week in Virginia, I feel like I have a family there now. I’m so thankful to our Father for connecting us!


III. Road Trips, Detours & Twerking

Each way was a 14-hour road trip. On the way home we decided to split our trip in two days. We stopped by at DC for a few hours to tour around the National Mall. White house, Washington Monument, Lincoln Statue, Smithsonian Aerospace and Natural History Museums, protests… we walked non-stop to see as much as we could.

Highlight of DC: We ran into an interesting event at a monumental park: a few hundred people working out by twerking. I’m not joking. Hundreds of booties in the air bouncing to music in public. I kind of joined, but Erich ran away from me so I gave up.

After DC, We drove another four hours to Pittsburgh and spent a night there after using “Price…Line…. Negoti-aaaay-tor” to book an awesome room.

The second day, we stopped by Bowling Green, OH to visit lovely Julia and her parents. They served us fresh veggies and delicious home-made everything 🙂 We drove another hour after lunch to Detroit area to pick up packing boxes and visited aunt Rose, Chris, and uncle Dan. It was raining so hard that we barely escaped the flooding on the freeway when we left.

Praise the Lord for all the provision!! It was a spiritually nourishing week, and I feel so fed.

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Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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  1. 恵美へ、REGENTの体験はすばらしいね。カウンセリングの練習は最初はうまくいかないことが多い。TRIAL & ERRORで学ぶ性質をしている。でも、自分の姿をビデオカメラで見れたのは良かったと思う。自分のイメージが正確になるからね。


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