Hi family and friends!

As we said in the last post, we were to rest and we did just that. We played lots, ate lots, hung out lots, and just enjoyed God’s provision. Our Heavenly father is so good.

Ministry Stuff

When I asked what the biggest ministry will be, The Lord said, “who you are.” I said Amen! But I don’t really care to write much about who I am in Christ since I can be self-absorbing, (I love who I am in Jesus so much)

…So I prefer writing about practical things we are doing so the Lord has opportunity to show His kids His glory. I just want to preach the gospel. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Cure those with leprosy. Cast out demons. And making disciples of all nations. So that I can give back glory to God.

Tuesday Group

The Tuesday group has been, really, really good. All glory to HIM.

We’ve been seeing believers being activated and using their gifts in the spirit. Last month, we practiced prophesying over each other to edify the body of Christ. The week after, we had many guests on Tuesday night so we prayed over them. And bam! Tuesday people were rocking the prophetic words to encourage the guests! Each of us saw visions and words that aligned with the person receiving the word, and the person’s specific situations. Simply because we were willing to do it, the Lord gave us such specific words to encourage people. Yay God!

High fiveeee

I’m so amazed at the activation of the spirit because the word of God comes alive. We serve God who is alive!

House Church

We’ve been following the Three Thirds house church model that Erich learned early this year. It’s similar to T4T thingy. Basically, we check in, love each other, do the Bible study where everyone contributes since we can learn straight from the Bible, and do a training such as telling the Gospel or testimony in a short time or praying into who we can reach to this week. I love this part, because it requires action – who are you sharing the gospel with this week? Who are you trying to reach out to right now? What are you going to do with what you learned?

We met a couple of WEC missionaries who were interested in house church stuff – it’s so exciting because we believe in house church since that’s what early church model looks like in the Bible. Apostles and disciples met at their homes and they were being the church. Of course, I love the Sunday churches too, but this kind of style allows for much intimacy (since number of people is small) and freedom for the spirit to move. On Tuesdays we used to have a “service” just like a Sunday church but just at home: worship time, someone delivering a sermon, and fellowship. But since we shifted to just learning straight from the Bible rather than someone teaching the group, checking in to see what people are doing with their learning and training, and actually using or practicing what we learned in role plays, things became more alive.

Honestly, we say house church but places don’t matter. Church is not a building but we are the church. So whether it is at a cafe or a park, we can be a church anywhere. And the beauty is, we are not looking to grow our group. If somebody desires being a church, we’ll help them start their own community. We hope and pray for increase in body of Christ in Japan.

(Updated 12/3/2016) I just wanted to emphasize on how this model can empower each believer. There is absolutely no “musts” in using this model. Do what the spirit leads you to do. If the spirit leads you to do worship, then do it. If the spirit leads you to share what the Lord has put on your heart, then do it. It’s really important to give space for the Holy Spirit to rock it.

The Last Reformation

Going and doing what the Lord has commanded us to do has been heavy on my heart recently since I’ve been watching The Last Reformation stuff. My mom has  been so on fire with what Torben had to say, and she sent me a link last month. And, guys, it’s so real. I don’t want to be a fat Christian who absorbs the word more than exercising the spiritual muscle. It’s basically just going out and obeying the Lord.

Shia Lebeouf is encouraging you too.

I guess you can call it a street evangelism or an outreach, though I don’t like calling it that.

Anyways, we are going out tonight with the Tuesday people to pray and love on people tonight. I’m so excited! I’ll be sure to update on how it went.

Jesus is same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Glory to Him!

Mundane Stuff

Enjoy Erich and Emi’s faces.

We miss and love you!

photo cred: Fujita san

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  1. I loved hearing more about house church! Such a great way to do things. And awesome picture of you two! 🙂

  2. I appreciate the blog. My family and I are working to get to Japan. I just wrote a post concerning missionaries and money. As I say in the blog, it is Japan specific but we were shocked by the amount of money required to join an agency and start ministry in Japan.

    Curious to get your take if you have the time. james513blog.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for your comment! I had a look at your post. We too wrestled with the idea of working with a missions agency, but ultimately felt God was telling us to come and make connections locally instead. Logically speaking, it makes more sense for Japan anyways, not that there’s any lack of amazing organizations doing good work here!

      One thing you mentioned was that one missionary organization required two years of dedicated language study. While the price tag seemed a bit high, if I was running a missionary organization, I would require that too. If I’ve learned one thing from my Christian life abroad, it’s that you have to speak the language. More on that topic here.

  3. Hi I’m Just wondering if you know anyone willing to translate the Pioneer school to Japanese. I have it all on text in English it just needs translating to Japanese and applying to the video lessons. My wife’s Japanese and I visit Japan every 2 years. Although my wife won’t do it as she dosnt have the interest.
    But this would be awesome if the Pioneer school would be available with Japanese Subtitles. If you know anyone willing to undertake this task that would be awesome. My name’s Jonathan. I’m a green marker in Sheffield England on the http://www.tlrmap.com.

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