Whale Sharks! and Atlanta

By this point, if you’re the faithful reading type, you’ve probably noticed the absence of California Trip Part II. Shortly after recovering from the illness that allotted me the free time to write the former post, I was launched into extreme busyness with school and visa applications and work. Fortunately, this holiday weekend has given me a little extra time to catch up on important things like writing. The rest of the California trip is quite important, but it’s quickly fading in my memory, so I hope to get up a short post about it soon.

More recently, Emi and I just returned from a fantastic trip down to Atlanta. Here’s a little table contents:

  1. Chick-fil-a
  2. Sharks & Fish & Groupon & Whatnot
  3. Prophetic Deliverance
  4. Seared Sashimi
  5. Tomahawk Chop


Typical Chick-fil-a Signage
Typical Chick-fil-a Signage

For those of you who’ve been there, you’ll know that Chick-fil-a is one of the best restaurants in Georgia/the South/the whole planet. Visiting our good friends, getting ministry training and going through deliverance were really just the guise for once again tasting the exquisite flavors of fried chicken and waffle fries that were at one time reserved only for a select few south of the Mason Dixon. Though over the past decades her reach has widened to include segments of the Midwest, we Michiganders continue to wait in eager anticipation for the borders of the Chick-fil-a Empire to reach our yet culinarily-bankrupt state.

During one of two journeys to the Dwarf House of Newnan, I made a new discovery – Chick-fil-a breakfast: Fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon on an old-timey biscuit. Yes, a biscuit. Delicious.

Sharks & Fish & Groupon & Whatnot

Emi and settled in quickly at Cody and Danielle’s home. Also living in the home were Derek (another native Hollander) and three cats. The cats and I have history, which is why, with a great deal of help from the Wahls, we created a barricade for a veritable “safe house” in one of the upstairs bedrooms. To protect me and my sinuses from the literal pounds of cat hair that these three creatures can produce, the safe house was carefully swept and vacuumed, equipped with a sub-industrial air filter, and kept under lock and key days before our arrival. I considered establishing a password system of knocks to arrange for entry to the safe house but ultimately abandoned it as frivolous.

This section was supposed to be about sharks. My first ever encounter with Groupon, at Cody’s suggestion, allowed us to get a great deal to Georgia Aquarium, which houses what I’m told is the world’s largest fish tank (two-foot thick glass, 100-foot underwater tunnel, massive viewing room). It’s got four, I say, four whale sharks and a bunch of other stuff. The whole house of us (not including the cats) had to make the trip. Just watch these videos:

Whale Shark!


Playful Otters

Killer Octopus

Big Fish Tank

Yes, according to the website, “the most magical aquarium habitat in the world.”

Prophetic Deliverance

On Friday and Saturday, we had the great opportunity to study under our good friend Vicki and Cody to learn about prophetic deliverance. I attended a ministry training the first day, and on Saturday got the chance to get my hands dirty in a few deliverances. Yes, that means casting out demons, which when done correctly in partnership with Christ, is way more fun than it sounds. I’m putting together another post on prophetic deliverance, which you can check out if you have some extra time to read.

Seared Sashimi

I’ve known my good friend Cody since we were elementary school together; I’ve enjoyed his company since we graduated high school together; and I’ve just in the past few months come to respect his taste buds. Indeed, in the past five years, Cody’s diet has gone from bulk-frozen-burritos-eaten-bite-to-bite-with-a-squeeze-of-barbecue-sauce to vegan-health-nut to well-adjusted-man-about-town. God has blessed and enlightened him.

While studying a few minutes outside of town, he stumbled upon one of Georgia’s best culinary finds (besides Chik-fil-a) — a Hawaiian-operated and themed restaurant that serves the best Cajun-seared tuna sashimi.

After lunch, our crew had a good chance to tour his school (UWG) before we headed back to ATL for the Braves game.

Tomahawk Chop

Emi’s first experience with a major league sports involved a lot of chopping. The Braves Tomahawk Chop is one of the more recent customs of a major league sports team steeped in tradition. Here’s a video explaining how it started. I won’t blame you if you get bored halfway through.

Long Boring Video

15-Second Video of Us Chopping

I’m not normally a fan of the huge-crowds lots of noise type of events, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for “America’s pastime.” Although the girls complained of soreness in their tomahawk chop muscles the following day, it was a great way to close out our trip.

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