That’s the question we get the most recently, now that we are both graduated.

Graduating from the YMCA

First, let me boast how Erich, with God’s blessings, SLAYED in YMCA.


He graduated with an honor. It’s called yuushuushou, and it’s given to only one or two graduates a year! It’s given to those studied hard, did volunteers, and showed leadership and initiatives.

I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Diplomas and the Honor Award

I know that Japanese learning is hard for native English speakers. But Erich showed that it’s totally possible to be fluent in two years with effort, investment in education and God’s blessings. I’ve met many people who come out of YMCA fluent in Japanese after finishing the practicum course, too. If anyone is looking to learn Japanese, I recommend YMCA hands down. They employ excellent teachers and staff for best education. If you are a missionary, you can receive discount, too.

So what are you guys gonna do?

Erich and I prayed about our next move, and God told us to “rest.” We have been running a marathon since we came to Japan two years ago (oh, happy 2 year Japanniversary to us!) so it makes sense. At least for a couple weeks, we will take it easy. And spend lots of time with the Lord!!

Please pray for the Lord’s will to be revealed. We have ideas of what ministry to focus on in the next season, but we want to go with the Holy Spirit’s flow.


We are hosting the Tuesday fellowship, serving in New Hope Church as a youth group leaders and doing hospitality and translation. We’ll continue to serve in these areas even during our rest period.

We are getting connected to more and more missionaries around the area, and we are just excited to see what God is doing through each individual’s ministry.

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Prayer request:

For Jesus to be famous in Japan!

Lastly, Enjoy Our Life’s Mundane Clips

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