Welcome to the Neighborhood: Osaka’s Spiritual Center


Our new apartment that we are moving into on 10/25 is located in the Tennoji district of Osaka. Take a look at the awesome Google map my dear hubby Erich created and embedded to see what our area looks like.

We had to be zoomed in this far to make buildings show up correctly. Pan around or zoom to find our new home and school.

View this map on Google Maps Engine 

No, they are not ze Nazis.

The vast majority of this area are Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines. Anything marked with a 卐 are Buddhist Temples and those marked with Torii gate symbols are Shinto. As you zoom in, you’ll notice countless other religious sites outside of the main areas we identified.

Our area in Tennoji is known for temples and “love hotels” (hotels for couples to ‘rest’ at an hourly rate). Spiritually speaking, we’re at the city’s epicenter for both temple worship and spiritual darkness.

We are here to be the light, and the map shows that God placed us in a major place of influence. Wow Jesus, you are bold.

Please pray for us!

By Emi Boileau

Emi is a Jesus-loving blogger and a missionary in Osaka, Japan.

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